PhD candidate, University of Rochester Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Affiliated with the Human Language Processing Lab and the Raizada Lab

I work on sensation and perception in a non-stationary world. My work uses behavioral, computational, and neural approaches to understand how sensory systems adapt to semi-predictable variability across contexts. I am particularly—but not exclusively—interested in speech and language.


Take your data to go as an R package: tutorial and git repostory

Data and analysis for a phonetic adaptation experiment: R package

Running phonetics experiments online: demo and source code

Simulating false positive rates and power for mixed models: slides as pdf or source code.

Intro to literate programming in R with knitr: lab wiki page

Using plyr for data analysis etc.: slides as pdf or knitr source



Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Meliora Hall, Box 270268
Rochester, NY 14627