• Cite your code!

    TL;DR: cite the software you use in your research!

    In lab meeting the other day someone asked what the major R packages for analyzing psycholinguistic data are, and I had a hard time thinking of any.1 That made me think about why software is such a small part of our scholarly output. Part of the reason might simply be that there’s not enough overlap in the specific kinds of analyses we do to justify creating brand new packages, rather than using domain-general tools (like the tidyverse).

    But I think there may be a deeper explanation: it’s hard to write good, useful software, and academia does not reward that particular kind of hard work.

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  • Hello World

    Why a blog? Because why not.

    Like the rest of this site, it’s powered by Hugo, a static site generator powered by Go templates. The content of each page is written in markdown, and rendered into HTML by a series of hand-crafted templates and CSS.

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