I like making things

Open-source projects I’ve contributed to include JuliaStats, Gadfly (ggplot-style visualization for Julia), FAAV (now FAVE), latexdiff, and, most importantly, lolcommits.

I ride and tinker with my bikes. I’m a recovering year-round fixie commuter (even, yes, through the Rochester winter) and a wannabe cyclocrosser. I have a stable of mediocre craigslist Bianchis onto which I’ve lovingly frankensteined modern groupsets. I love to build wheels, I will build you wheels if you want.

I like to cook, and especially to bake (including, yes, sourdough). I also have a voracious sweet tooth, which is a dangerous combination. I love coffee and I love beer.

Speaking of which, I make beer, and keep track of my recipes here scraped and archived here. I also have a manual espresso machine from the 70’s that I refurbished and still can’t make a decent shot on possibly destroyed by shorting the heating element. You win some, you lose some. use nearly every day.

I’m a knitter, and I think that wool is probably one of the most perfect materials in existence.

Popular dependent measures of me include time-to-whiteboard-use, maximum-audible-laughter-distance, and beard-to-hair-ratio.